Mingsanfeng Cap Mould Co.,Ltd founded in June 1999, the company specialises in development ,production,sales and service in plastic caps injection. The factory also has mould workshop, which has rich experience in R & D and production of plastic cap mould, and can customize all kinds of bottle caps. The company has nearly 60 employees, including about 10 engineers, 20 senior mold engineers and 30 senior technicians.

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    Founded in 1999.06
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    There are more than 60 core employees
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    More than 20 senior engineers
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    with an annual output value of 35 million.




Service First

  • The impact of plastic melt index on bottle caps

    Melt index is one of the key indicators to measure the properties of plastics. For plastic bottle caps with extremely high stability requirements, the melt index of the raw materials is particularly important. The stability here includes not only the stability of the cap performance, but also the...

  • What should you pay attention to when opening a plastic bottle cap mold?

    Plastic bottle cap molds are essential in the production of plastic bottle caps. They ensure the consistent quality, precision, and durability of these caps. However, when opening a plastic bottle cap mold, certain precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of the operator and the mold itse...